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Sasha Duttchoudhury, MSW

Therapy Services in WA State | Consulting & Training

Reimagining ourselves and our world can be full of possibilities.

I work with people of color and gender expansive folks in the midst of life transition seeking change in their lives and relationships. I see you within your context, your history, your relations, and your intersecting identities; I see how our world and dominant culture shape the extent to which we can show up as our whole selves.


My gentle and spacious presence helps clients cultivate their authenticity, engage their deeply held narratives, and reconnect them with the wisdom their bodies hold. As a relational and somatic therapist, I recognize the critical role trauma, dissociation, and dysphoria play in our relationships with our bodies, and am committed to finding a pace and approach that expands ease in your body.


I bring humor, playfulness, compassion, and a wealth of lived experience as a genderqueer second-generation South Asian American who is journeying toward my own well-being. I work in consultation with experienced providers from a variety of backgrounds and actively engage in learning opportunities to constantly expanding my skills and perspectives to meet my clients' needs. When working with me, clients can feel the power of hope and connection to create lasting and aligned change.


I am excited to collaborate with you to expand upon the bravery within you.


The world is in chaos,
you don’t have to be...

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Telehealth Therapy

Life transitions can be difficult, leaving us stuck, isolated, and uninspired. We may want to escape our bodies, minds, and the chaos around us.


This is the perfect time to turn inward.

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Consulting & Training

Healing justice is not merely an individual responsibility, it also belongs to us in a collective capacity. If your organization or group is seeking support around expanding your racial, gender, and healing justice efforts, I'm here to support.


I'm only accepting telehealth clients to my waitlist at this time.

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